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Along with Hipster Passions (the site you are on now), there are a few other dating sites designed to connect single hipsters. If you have your own style and think mainstream is absurd, then the sites below may be of interest. For the moment there are only a handful of hipster dating sites, but we'll watch for more to add to the list. In the meantime, feel free to check out the sites below and if any look interesting, you can always join for free to see what you think. Have fun!


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Hipster Dating Site

Find Hipster Love
Hipster Dating Site is pretty much what you would expect it to be based on the name. If you identify with the term 'hipster' or even if you don't, you can find unique individuals who live by their own rules, with their own ideas on materialism and social constructs. Join for free and see if the individuals you have been seeking are already online on this site.

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Hipster Dating Canada

Where Canadian Hipsters Meet Online
Yes, there are hipsters in Canada. If you are Canadian or your are interested in single Canadians of the hipster variety, then this is the perfect site for you. Surround yourself with Canadian singles who live and dress in ways that make it clear they are not lemmings. Find your unique individual here, or have fun looking.

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Date A Hipster

Meet Hipsters Here
Guess what you can do on 'Date A Hipster'. It may not be obvious, but if you are interested in single hipsters, then Date A Hipster has been designed specifically to connect like-minded singles. Since hipsters like sarcasm, we're guessing this description may catch your attention. Check out the site for free to see if it has the members and the features you have been looking for.


*Sites listed on this page are a combination of ads, affiliate related Sites and general non-partnership related sites that match the theme of Hipster Passions.